Sunday, 1 August 2010

Furniture Shopping and Other Stuff

OK, so I visited a few shops today looking for furniture to put in my new place. I particularly liked IKEA and saw some nice tables, chairs and desks there. The food was awesome too! I bought some lovely swedish chocolates which I am eating right now. My favourite pieces of furniture were a rubber wood table, an oak table, a lovely desk though I forget what wood it was made of, some lovely chairs, an oak chair set, and of course some classic swedish wall lamps. In other places I saw a leather armchair or two which took my fancy, as well as a couple of couches, but I doubt I could afford those.

I still don't have any friends here. I think I might try meetup or citysocialising, just to get myself going here. I know there are plenty of guys here who want to get a girlfriend and I would be a great preference for them, but I don't just want a guy who is desperate for ANYONE. I don't want a guy who is super cool either, who is some kind of pickup artist / seduction expert, who has like 4 women on the go. Urgh! I don't necessarily believe in the perfect guy, I figure I will know my kind of guy when I see him. Sometimes in the past I had settled for men who were not my type, but there was nothing else around so I thought I may as well. I have never found a man, as a girl in her mid twenties, who really makes my heart skip a beat. I feel like I have missed out on living a bit, as I see a couple of my old friends from london happily engaged or even married. But then again, I have met their men and seen nothing special about them, so maybe I am really hard to please.

It's also quite difficult to get some peace at the moment. True, I come from a big city, London, but for some reason Cardiff is quite unsettling too. I would prefer to live on the outskirts if it weren't due to financial constraints. Still, it's obviously more quiet than London and I guess I have to get used to it. What I do like about this place is the castle, the park, the air is more fresh and the people are more friendly, less busy and generally far nicer than you could ever hope for in London. I don't really miss my home at all, given that it is really very crowded and dirty!

No luck in the job search either, I went to the job centre today but they have hardly anything. They don't have much for graduates, the security guards were nerve wracking and I had to wait for 45 minutes to see my advisor. They don't really care about whether you have actually looked for a job, so when people like me come in who are genuinely looking for work, we kind of slip through the net and get nothing. Big companies are barely hiring anyone on to their graduate schemes anymore and so it's getting all the more difficult as time goes by. I feel like the longer I am out of work, the longer it will go on like this. Sometimes I ask myself what I should do and there is no more unnerving answer than when you genuinely don't know, when you genuinely despair. I often think that I should go with one of those guys who just wants to get a girlfriend, provided he has money that is. A very awful thought but it's reality. I will update you soon, Amy.


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