Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Life, Love and Furniture - An introduction

Hi, I'm Amy, So I've just moved cities from London to Cardiff, I've got a nice flat just near the city centre and I have bought a lot of stuff e.g. toiletries, food, you know, the basics, but now I am looking for the more complex things for example, a wireless broadband package instead of having to use my mobile broadband all the time because it's limited. Cardiff council have been really helpful in my claim for housing benefit as I look for a job. This housing benefit calculator was really helpful in working out exactly what I'm entitled to. Anyway, I gotta go cos I'm still unpacking. I will update you guys with a new update about my new life as soon as I can. First things first: I need some new furniture! There is only one small chair here! Argh!

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